— Pastor Percy Muleba

Greetings in Jesus’ name from the Western Province of Zambia. Praise be to God for His grace that is sufficient all the time.

I love to pass my sincere gratitude to God almighty for answering your prayers concerning our general election. The general election went well though there were a lot of tensions and petitions.

In this report, I will focus on the testimonies coming from the field where our trained evangelists are serving the Lord. I will also share with you some progress from our current Live School classes.



The first touching report comes from a graduate Obby testifying on one of the current students for Live School, Lemmy Simataa. Lemmy is a young man who is confined to a wheel chair. He is an amazing evangelist. He pushes his wheel chair in the sand soil of Mwandi Royal Village reaching out to lost souls, praying for people in their homes, and serving as a volunteer at an orphanage in the village. It is evidence that the Lord can use anyone regardless of their physical disability. The Lord is looking for availability. Pray for Lemmy as he continues in his ministry and training as a Missionary (Church Planter).

Pastor Imasiku Mubuyaeta lead a team to Gwembe Village in the Southern Province of Zambia. He is one of the local Pastors with our evangelist training team. They went to the village of 83 households and preached the Good News and 70 souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The Lord’s power was manifested in that place and many people surrendered their fetish objects to be burnt. It is like walking with the apostle Paul and the other apostles in the book of Acts. There is so much hunger for the word of God. We need more laborers in these villages. Pray for these new believers and for Pastor Imasiku as he is currently involved in the Live School training with some of his team.



Pastor Arnold Mudenda is a friend of the ministry and former graduate of Live School in Mwandi. He is the senior Pastor of Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Mwandi. He is the pastor who is hosting the Live School training Obby is facilitating. He has mobilized his Church to be involved in the end-time harvest happening in chaos all over the World. He recently planted a Church in Lipumpu and is planning to plant more before the end of this year. Pray for him so that he can continue to plant more Churches in Mwandi District.

The three current Live School trainings are progressing very well. The Sesheke Live School class will be done in December. As for the Mwandi and Livingstone classes, they will be completed next year. We intend to have a joint graduation next year for the three schools. These three classes are busy with the 26 video courses played on portable Live School units, that can be connected to any television, providing 242 hours of teaching.

Live School, is an affordable and portable mission training tool that is easy to use and taught on- site in many urban and rural areas of the World. It is an outcome based curriculum, teaching:

  1.          Character and Spiritual Development
  2.          Foundational Theology
  3.          Foundational Missiology
  4.          Principals of Research
  5.          Ministry Skills
  6.          Acts of Kindness
  7.          Cross-cultural Ministry

Live School graduates are released by their pastor into the field to evangelize the lost, plant churches, transform their communities, mobilize existing churches to mission ministry, and start more Live Schools. The curriculum empowers national church pastors in areas of the world where there is little or no missional teaching - to train, disciple and send their own church members as national missionaries taking the gospel to their local communities and unreached areas around the world. You can learn more about Live School at:

We kindly request you to pray for us:

  1.          First, for a youth summit in the Western Province capital of Mongu where I will be ministering on empowerment and missions.
  2.          Second, for the Southern African retreat for Live School hosted by World Mission Centre in Pretoria.
  3.          Third, for the adjacent country of Angola which is a new territory of expansion for the Inyambo Mission   Center. We have received invitations from Angola to come and train evangelists; so starting next year, I.M.C will be rolling out Live School into Angola.


The Lord richly bless you,

Percy Muleba, Director, Inyambo Mission Center