Greetings from Mwandi, Western Province of Zambia in Jesus name. The Lord has continued to multiply His grace and peace in our lives and ministry. In the first quarter Report we requested prayers as we approach the forthcoming Zambia general elections on the 11th of August, 2016. The political environment is very unstable. There have been a number of violent acts in some cities of our beloved country, Zambia. This instability in the nation led the pastors and leaders of Senanga, whom we were scheduled to train in June, to request that we postpone the Intensive Training session to a later date after the elections. The dates will be announced later.

 The news of the postponement of the training left our Inyambo Mission Center (IMC) training team of Doug, Abby, Eric and me wondering what to do to fill the three weeks. As we were trying to figure out what to do, the Lord was busy using us to train his people in ways we hadn’t expected and what a blessing that became. We made a decision to do follow ups on our former students in different parts of the Province. To our absolute amazement, Pastor Hellen Phiri who had just given birth to a bouncing baby boy, invited us to go and witness to what the Lord was doing in Sesheke, location of our 2015 Intensive Training class. Hellen was one of the students and is now our fulltime Live School volunteer facilitator in the district of Sesheke. She has continued running the Live School class despite the political instability. It was very inspiring as we met with several of the students. They shared powerful testimonies of what the Lord is doing in their lives as they go through the preparation process for a missional ministry. We watched their love for one another, indicating a passion to go and reach out to their neighbors. Hellen admitted her approach to non-Christians has changed. She does not look at them as worse people but lost souls who need to be loved. Doug, Abby and Eric had the privilege to visit with the Lilonga church which was planted by one of the pastors we trained in 2015. This is one of the churches blessed by the Booth Foundation initiative funding for roof and structural frame construction. I will be reporting about the progress in my next report.

Lilonga Evangelical Church Congregation Under Their New Building Roof

 Obby, a recent Live School graduate, also has continued to faithfully run a Live School class in Mwandi. IMC’s focus is to make sure these Live School classes continue running in spite of the many challenges. We are also busy enrolling students for a new Live School class in Livingstone. Aongola Maimbolwa, a 2011 Live School graduate who recently graduated from the Booth Center (Missions and Sustainability) at Justo Mwale University, is back. He is IMC’s fulltime volunteer in charge of our sustainable farming project on the IMC site. His coming back has brought joy to the team. Aongola has inspired a team of former Live School students to plant seven churches. He has already visited with the seven different bush communities and found a strong desire for church plantings. Six of the churches will be planted in the Mwandi district of Western Province. The seventh church will be planted in the Southern Province of Zambia. We are very excited as we look forward to what the Lord will do in the lives of the young ladies and men in these remote communities.

 Kandanda Chikeba, our 2010 Live School graduate, has continued to serve the Lord through music. After he graduated in 2010, he released his first album. He is now the music director serving with the United Church of Zambia, Mwandi Consistory. Kandanda is currently working on his third album. We are proud to be part of a worship ministry that has grown from a single village to impacting many lives in Zambia and Southern Africa. IMC tries to raise worshippers like him, leading me to teach praise and worship lessons on developing a biblical view of worship.

 IMC is part of the Southern Africa mobilization of churches intent on becoming more missional-minded. Every year we participate in the Rise Missions Conference. This conference has a mandate of equipping pastors and leaders of Southern Africa to become involved in church planting and missions. It was a privilege to have Doug teach at the conference this year; we just returned. This quarter we will be praying for the facilitators and students of Live School around the Western Province. They are the reason Live School exists, for the purpose of training church leaders to become missionaries. Church planting among unreached people groups is one of the highest values of Live School. http://worldmissioncentre.com/2016/04/12/live-school-plants-churches/ We seek your intensive and continued prayers and support.


1.    That the facilitators will live a life close to the Lord and they will use every opportunity to disciple those that are in the schools. Pray for their families' safety at the classes. IMC is currently overseeing three Live School classes of 10 to 15 students in each class.

2.    That the Lord's anointing will be on every student. That they will be able to concentrate well as they go through the 242 hours of video teaching in the curriculum.

3.    That IMC and Live School students’ outreach will have great kingdom impact, will lead many to come to the Lord and that many churches will be started as a result of their efforts.

4.    That the Lord will give the pastors of the churches where the schools are being hosted, a great vision to see the Kingdom established and churches planted where there are none.

5.    That the Lord will raise up many intercessors among the churches that will pray for the work of each school and its students.

We appreciate your prayers, financial support and pray that God will richly bless you.

Yours in-His-service,

Pastor Percy Muleba

Director, Inyambo Mission Center.