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Ministry Strategy


Ministry Strategy

ministry strategy


IMC personnel and volunteers travel to the many districts of Zambia's Western Province, Angola and Namibia (see map above) and use a combination of Intensive Training classes and Live School mission curriculum to train pastors and leaders to become more effective evangelists and church planters. We believe healthy leaders plant healthy churches.

Intensive Training is intended to lay the foundation for Live School training in a local community. At the invitation of local pastors, we focus on key pastors and leaders from the area churches, building relationships and teaching them such subjects as: Understanding the Bible, Developing a Biblical View ofWorship, Introduction to Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy, God's Plan to Empower His Beloved, Wisdom & Skill Development, Holistic Ministry and overview of Jesus Empowered Savings and Credit Groups. Through the use of small groups, we help participants build interdenominational relationships and work together for effective area outreach. The length and format of training is flexible to local needs and conditions. As a way of local empowerment and sustainability, we intend to transfer the training roles of Intensive Training to local leadership as key persons respond to God's calling. At the end of the training, we invite the participants to consider becoming Live School facilitators in their local community, to be trained and supported by Percy Muleba, IMC Director. 

Live School is an outcome-based curriculum taught on-site at a local church or in a home. It trains and disciples nationals to become evangelistic leaders and missionaries. The material was designed by an international coalition of mission trainers and is taught by practitioners from various parts of the world. The lectures and course material consist of 240 hours of video training that focuses on the individual's spiritual health and character development, on Biblical teachings, cross-cultural ministry, and on community development. Each school is conducted by an on-site facilitator appointed by a local church or recognized leader and trained by IMC Director Percy Muleba or one of the two Area Coordinators, all graduates of Live School themselves. The Live School curriculum has been accredited by the South African Theological Seminary (SATS).


IMC envisions a safe and high quality facility for students from Zambia and beyond to come for interdenominational worship, training, retreats and mission outreaches (see below in Ministry Goals a preliminary diagram of the Training Center). Construction of the future facilities in the Royal Village of Mwandi will be phased as needs develop and funds are raised. Its modern design will include a large worship center/classroom, offices, accommodations, kitchen, restrooms and bathing facilities, and storage, plus an area for tent camping. Local Chief Inyambo Yeta has gifted IMC with approximately two hectares of land in Mwandi, Zambia and for this we are grateful. 

Note: IMC has had many requests from such organizations as Youth for Christ, Scripture Union, the United Church of Zambia and others, not to mention many individuals, for a safe place where key leaders could be sent for our training. In addition, we believe that in time it could be an appropriate place for post high school distance learning opportunities.


Next to the Training Center, IMC will plant various crops and trees such as: tomatoes, cabbage, corn, and orange, papaya, guava, banana, and apple trees to produce income, feed students, staff and teachers, and provide a hands-on skill training area for sustainable farming. 

Note: Our 2011 Live School graduate, Angola Maimbolwa, has finished his Booth Center training in agriculture and holistic ministry and has returned to Mwandi to provide direction for the Farm and Management of the property. Fencing and a metered water tap is complete and electric will be the next step.



Ministry Goals

Ministry Goals


BY 2023, WE WILL:

Raise, train and equip through our MOBILE SCHOOL

Raise, train and equip, through our Mobile School, hundreds of Christian pastors, chaplains and leaders in the Western Province of Zambia and beyond to evangelize and plant healthy, mission-minded churches among the unreached. 

Establish a future TRAINING CENTER on the property


Establish a phased Training Center on the deeded property in the Royal Village of Mwandi, Zambia with modern and well-equipped facilities, including classrooms and accommodations for guest teachers and camping areas with restrooms and showers for students.


Establish a FARM on the property

Establish a Farm and Orchard in Mwandi, Zambia to contribute toward sustainability, produce food for teachers, staff and students, and provide a training ground in sustainable farming for students.


Be a fully self-sustaining ministry led by spiritually empowered local leaders and staff.


Ministry Progress

Ministry Progress

ministry progress

Year 1: 2013

  1. Establish an Advisory Board in the United States. Done; Mike Jette, Eric deNeve, Doug & Abby Vinez.
  2. Host a one week “reunion” of the thirty students who have already been trained in the past three years to cast the Vision of the Inyambo Mission Center. Done.
  3. Meet with the Mwandi Council of Churches to cast the Vision of the Inyambo Mission Center and invite every pastor to become involved. Done.  
  4. Bring the 2010-started and locally directed Jesus Empowered Savings and Credit groups (village-based, micro-finance small groups) under the IMC umbrella. This holistic (dealing with both spiritual and physical brokenness) initiative provides IMC participants with a sustainable and empowering method of providing for self, family & community. Done.
  5. Build broad-based donor support for the Director's salary/benefits and training expenses and a mobile Mission School by 2015. In process.
  6. Begin conversations with other districts for future Live Schools. In process.  Sesheke began in 2015 and Senenga in 2017.

Year 2: 2014

  1. Launch first part-time Live School in Mwandi. Launched in December 2013.
  2. Hold final Mwandi-based Live School - hosted by Pilgrim Wesleyan. Launched in May, 2014. 
  3. Hold Pastors' Conference/Meeting to establish a Great Commission Vision. Planning meeting with Sesheke Ministers' Associations was held in October, 2014. IMC was then invited to begin Intensive Training in Sesheke in 2015.
  4. Hold an IMC property dedication ceremony for the community. Done.
  5. Hold church planting training in Mwandi in October. Held and attended by local pastors and leaders.
  6. Continue building Jesus Empowered Savings and Credit groups. Handed over to local control in community training meeting; ongoing training as required.
  7. Continue building ministry partnerships with like-minded organizations. 
  8. Continue conversations with other districts for future LiveSchools. Ongoing.
  9. Build broad-based donor support for ongoing ministry and personnel expenses. Ongoing.
  10. Send IMC Director, Percy Muleba to Justo Mwale Seminary to begin Bachelor of Theology in Education studies. Done.
  11. Send Aongola, our Live School graduate, to Booth Training Center at Justo Mwale Theological University in Lusaka on a gifted scholarship to begin Evangelism/Farming training. Done

Year 3: 2015

  1. Hold the first Mobile Live School "3 Week Intensive Training" in Sesheke. Seventeen students from eight of the thirteen area churches participated, including seven pastors; Done. Training Volunteers; Doug and Abby Vinez and Eric deNeve along with Director Percy Muleba.
  2. Oversee the launching of one or more Live Schools in Sesheke District with graduates of "Three Week Intensive" as facilitators and offer as-needed specialized training. Started with a Fall 2016 completion.
  3.  Invite our first special lecturer to Mwandi. Dr. Phil Steyne, retired professor of cultural anthropology and mission from Columbia International University, came in March to teach a one week class entitled: Responding to Islam. Sixteen students attended. Done.
  4. Translate Live School materials into the local Lozi language. Ongoing
  5. Continue building Jesus Empowered Savings and Credit groups. Ongoing - 175+ persons involved. An additional new group currently being organized in Sesheke.
  6. Continue building ministry partnerships with like-minded organizations. Ongoing - Discussions held with Youth for Christ Namibia, Scripture Union Zambia and the United Church of Zambia. Justo Mwale Seminary has invited us to train in Lusaka in August. We continue to partner with the Booth Foundation from whom we receive support for on-the-ground expenses, a special farm project and three church buildings. We are also discussing the possibility of a Booth Training Center being built on the land in Mwandi, Zambia.
  7. Continue conversations/planning with other districts for future LiveSchools. Ongoing - Senenga District already planned for 2016, Mongu requesting a meeting in September plus four other districts are in discussions.
  8. Transition the IMC Advisory Board into a United States Support Team whose responsibilities include raising funds. Done
  9. Continue building broad-based donor support for ongoing ministry and personnel expenses. Percy Muleba traveled to the U.S. (March 17-April 28) to assist in this process. Done with good financial results.
  10. Send Aongola to final Booth Center training. Ongoing; Graduates in Spring 2016.
  11. Send IMC Director, Percy Muleba to continue his Bachelor of Theology in Education studies at Justo Mwale Theological University. Ongoing
  12. Begin improvements on IMC land. Fence done with volunteers.

YEAR 4: 2016

  1. Hold the second Mobile Live School "3 Week Intensive Training" in Senenga. Rescheduled for 2017 due to National Election conflicts.
  2. Held a one week Intensive Training in Livingstone with ten Pastors and church leaders representing multiple churches. Done in June. Received a request to provide additional training. Training Volunteers; Doug and Abby Vinez and Eric deNeve along with Director Percy Muleba.
  3. Two week Intensive Training scheduled in late August in Angola.
  4. Launch one or more Live Schools in different Districts with graduates of Intensive Training as facilitators and offer as-needed specialized training. 
  5. Pastor Percy to begin training a Live School graduate to become the Area Coordinator for Zambia. Ongoing
  6. Encouraging local leadership to start and train Jesus Empowered Savings and Credit groups. Ongoing - 275+ persons involved. An additional group added in Mwandi for a total of 13. A leadership Workshop was held in June and a Community Day of Prayer for peaceful elections is scheduled for July 14.
  7. IMC Director, Percy Muleba graduates with his Bachelor of Theology in Education degree from Justo Mwale Theological University. Done
  8. Aongola graduates from Booth Training Center at Justo Mwale Theological University in Lusaka to begin Western Province Evangelism and Church Planting and developing a farming/orchard strategy for the IMC land. Done
  9. Continue utility improvements on IMC land. Fence and water meter done; electric ordered and requires block building for meter and disconnect; should be completed by Spring of 2017 if funding is found. 

Years 5-10: 2017-2022 (Projected)

  1. Hold annual Intensives & Facilitator Training to launch Live Schools throughout the Western Province, Angola and Namibia. 
  2. Develop Support and funding from local Zambian and adjacent country sources. Pastor Percy and the US Support Team planning a Spring 2018 fund raising trip for Pastor Percy to the USA. Successfully done.
  3. Hold various training events, retreats and seminars, including special guest lecturers and training volunteers. 
  4. Partner with like-minded ministries for community impact.
  5. Begin construction improvements on IMC land.
  6. Fully develop the Farm for food, sustainability and training.
  7. Build IMC worship center/classroom as anchor building, and then complete the rest of the phased IMC Training Facility as needed.
  8. Multiply Zambian staff and/or leadership. Pastor Percy to begin training a Live School graduate to become the Area Coordinator for Angola.

Ministry Structure

Ministry Structure

ministry structure


Pastor Percy Muleba


Zambia: Bosco Kutoma

Angola: Moses Dacosta

Board of Directors:

Pastor Sikute Musweu, Pastor Moses Yamba, Pastor Hellen Phiri, Pastor Yuyi Mundia, Reverend Lewis Sipalo and Mutinta Florence

Finance Committee:

Pastor Percy Muleba, Convener; Mulima Yeta and Bosco Kutoma


Rev. Doug Vinez, Chaplain Abby Vinez and Eric deNeve

United States Support Team:

Eric deNeve, Chairperson; Mike Jette, Doug Vinez and Abby Vinez

Additional Information

inyambo mission center FOUNDER AND Director:

Percy Muleba completed high school in 2000. He worked as an evangelist and youth leader (without formal training) from 2001-2003 at Mazabuka Assembly of God. From 2003-2006, he served as a volunteer worship leader and youth leader in Namibia at Charity and Faith Mission Church. He left to train at Live School in Botswana in 2007, and then served as Youth Pastor at Jerusalem Church (UCZ) in Mwandi, Zambia overseeing eleven congregations and helping to plant two new churches. He founded the Inyambo Mission Center in 2010. Percy received a Bachelor of Theology with Education degree from Justo Mwale Theological University in Lusaka, Zambia in Spring 2016.